Welcome to the inaugural edition of our semi-weekly update on the future of Genealogy software – Origins, by Heirloom Software.  As always, thanks for your interest in what we’re doing. 
Origins is our forthcoming genealogy software product, bringing the latest technology and the best in modern design practices together to deliver a product that is easy to use, but incredibly powerful; helping you do your research more easily and quickly.  For additional details, please see our website – www.heirloomsoftware.com.
We’re excited to kick off this newsletter and share what we’re up to with all of you.  We took a little time off to attend (and then recover from) Roots Tech, but now we’re back running full-speed ahead.  Just a couple of items to note this week:

  1. Roots Tech 2017: We had a great time meeting folks and introducing them to our plans for Origins.  The response we received was 100% positive.  A few folks seemed confused as to how we were going to accomplish everything we have planned, some responding along the lines of – “if all of this is possible, why aren’t any of the other vendors doing it?”  (Why indeed…)    We got a lot of great feedback from people at Roots Tech (and even from some on the plane on our way home!), including some fantastic discussions on:
    • DNA and Genetic Genealogy
    • Fact Confidence Indicators
    • Exploring What-If Scenarios Painlessly
    • Partnering with many vendors who are doing incredible things in the genealogy field
  2. Performance testing – we recently finished up preliminary performance testing for retrieving information from the tree database and were amazed at the level of performance we achieved – without any real tuning or optimization to make the performance better.  From a database of 50,000 person records, we were able to retrieve 50 distinct users based on specific criteria in less than a tenth of a second, on an average-performance laptop.  Not too shabby, and we expect it to get even a little faster when we begin tuning for performance.
  3. Please fill out our latest survey: Features and Functionality Survey #6.  It’s just 3 questions (plus one optional question), which shouldn’t take you more than a minute to complete and will help us as we move forward.  This is a public survey, so feel free to share with anyone who might be interested!
  4. Share!  If you know someone who would be interested in Origins, please point them to our website: www.heirloomsoftware.com and encourage them to sign up for this newsletter.  As we get further along, we’ll have some giveaways and other material exclusively for people on our mailing list.

That’s it for this week, but we’re here if you have any questions or want to share an idea/feedback, etc.
Dave & Lil
Heirloom Software