Welcome to our second weekly update.  Things continue to move smoothly and quickly and we hope to have some screenshots to show you in newsletter 4 or 5.  In the meantime, we’ve gotten some great questions and feedback which we’ve answered via blog posts:

  • Why? – where we address some preliminary thoughts on why we think people will use our software instead of the competition
  • To Cloud or Not to Cloud?  That is the Question – where we address some questions about a hot topic in genealogy – whether to keep your research data local to your hard drive or in “The Cloud”
  • Too Much Sharing? – a look at our view of collaboration and sharing.  How to reap the benefits without the problems sharing has led to in the past (i.e. collecting souls)

We also are researching Elizabeth Shown Mills Fan Club (cluster research) approach to genealogy and how best to fit it into Origins.  If you’re not familiar with this research model, it is an interesting way to help breakdown brick walls in your research by looking at the people who surrounded your ancestors in their everyday life.  We’ll have more information on this next week once we’ve hashed through more of the details on how we’re going to approach it.

Finally, based on some awesome feedback we received from our Advisors in our latest round of UI testing, we’ve spent some time redesigning our Person Profile page to be a bit more streamlined and offer quicker access to important data and tools. 

As always, thanks for your interest in Origins, and we welcome any questions, feedback, etc.

Dave & Lil