Hello everyone!

As usual, it’s been an exciting two weeks.  We’ve been making good progress on the development of Origins and also opened up a whole new communication channel which has already proven quite the valuable source of ideas and feedback.  Information on how you can join this channel are included below.  But first, here’s a quick look at what else has been going on:

  • Blog Post: Are We Crazy?   Just a fluff piece, but covers a discussion of why we’re building Origins when there are already a number of players in the market that have a big head start.
  • Blog Post: Navigation and Targeted Functionality.  An overview of recent changes we’ve made to the navigation and menu system of Origins, including preliminary screenshots.  we’d love your feedback
  • Blog Post: Location, Location, Location.  We’re tackling locations a little differently than anyone else.  We’d love to hear what you think!
  • Instagram: We’re posting screenshots and other little tidbits to our Instagram account once or twice each week: https://www.instagram.com/heirloom_soft/
  • Relationship Calculator: No blog post for this one, yet, but I’ll fill you in on what’s going on…I spent the morning yesterday designing our relationship calculator (I know, I live a glamorous life).  As part of that, I also had to work out how we’re managing relationships between all of the people in your tree (since, you know, that’s kinda what this is all about).  It was a good exercise, and I think the results are going to be great.  So far, the design handles multiple relationships (so if somewhere in your past, a couple of your cousins were…a little more than “kissing cousins” … all relationships will be calculated and shown), as well as the basic questions like:
    • what is the relationship between person x and person y?
    • who are all of the (relationship type) for person x
    • who is the MRCA (Most Recent Common Ancestor) for person x and person y?
  • Facebook Group: This is the new communication channel mentioned above, an invitation-only group on Facebook.  It’s been about a week since we opened this up,and already we’ve had some great discussions and heard some good feedback.  Honestly, seeing all of the people interested in Origins is a nice little motivation for us to keep plugging away.  If you’d like to join in the fun, click here and request access.  We’d love to have you!
  • Performance Testing: It’s really too early in the process for performance tuning, but we like to do intermittent testing of performance as we go so we make sure we don’t introduce something that just kills performance.  This week, while designing and prototyping the Relationship Calculator, I ran some tests to see how it would perform.  As I said, we haven’t done *anything* to improve performance for this, but our initial numbers are pretty good.  Working in a tree with of 50,000 people:
    • Calculating MRCA: about 2/10ths of a second
    • Calculating relationships: about 3/10ths of a second
    • Calculating all relationships: about 7/10ths of a second.
  • Development Progress: We’re still working on finishing up the “People” section of Origins.  Display is basically done, except for the Map view.  We haven’t started that yet.  This week will see us working on the editing capabilities, which includes a lot of great stuff: Smart Fields©, Recycle Bin, and more.  We’ll have more updates on this as things progress.

That’s the update for this week.  We have a lot going on, but we’re always open to feedback, ideas, questions, etc.  Here are the different ways you can get ahold of us: http://www.heirloomsoftware.com/contact/

If you know someone who might be interested in what we’re doing, feel free to share this update with them or point them to our website to signup and receive their own copy.

Until next time…thanks for your interest and support.

Dave & Lil