Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on Origins and where things stand, as well as a look to the near future.  Despite some minor bumps in the road, things, overall, are still cruising along nicely.  We’re a little behind where we expected to be by mid-June, but it’s all been for good reasons – some of the ideas and feedback we’ve gotten have been great, but required a little extra time to fit in and get right.  All-in-all, we’re quite pleased with how things are progressing.

That said, we are at a point where we have lots of Origins designed and prototyped, but now need to focus on core development.  That takes time…lots of time, so we’re going to pull back on our communications a bit.  We’re not going to go completely dark, but we will be slower to respond to questions or comments on the Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/heirloomfeedback/) and the newsletter is going on hiatus for a couple of weeks, while we spend as much time as we can on coding and testing.  Rest assured, however, that we still believe very strongly in open communication so we will be back before long with lots of great stuff to show and talk about.

Thank you for all of your support,

Dave & Lil Mann
Heirloom Software