Pre-Release Notice

Origins is currently a work in progress. Details presented on the website are based on our current expectations, but are subject to change. For further information, please see our Pre-Release Information page.


Origins is jam packed with features. Every single one, even the "basic" genealogy features, was torn apart and looked at from many different angles and from multiple user perspectives before being put back together in the best, most user-friendly, most efficient way possible.
Learn more about Origins' features by:

  • Browsing the Feature Highlights here, and clicking through to learn more about the features that interest you
  • Take a look at the We Solve Problems page to see them organized by how they solve problems you've likely encountered in other genealogy software programs

Data Entry

If you can't get your information into Origins quickly and easily, then we've failed in our mission. Here are the unique pieces of functionality we've added to help you out.

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Smart Fields

Each of our data fields know the type of information you are going to enter into them, so they help you enter, format and validate your entries.

Automatic Tagging

Origins automatically attaches tags to people, places and events you enter saving you the hassle. You can still change the assigned tags or attach your own. For example:

  • if you add a WWI military record to a person, they'll automatically be tagged with Veteran and WWI
  • if you cite a fact from the 1900 census for a person, they'll automatically be tagged with 1900 Census

There is so much more to tagging, including color coding displays, searching, filtering, reporting and the ability to edit the tags assigned and create your own tags.

Shareable Facts & Sources

Why enter information more than once if you don't have to? Origins allows you to easily locate and attach existing facts and sources to new entries.

Automatic Source Recording

If you use Origins' internal web browser to do your research, we can automatically capture the date, time, and URL of the source as well as an image of the entire page.

Research Journal

Origins can automatically track your research activities and store them in your Research Journal. If you need to look back at a path of research, simply review the journal to see how you located a particular source or when the last time was that you researched a particular ancestor.

Data Management & Security

Keeping your research safe and secure is one of our most important missions, and one we take very seriously.

Automatic Backups

While Origins is running, your data is automatically backed up at timed intervals to either a local or a cloud drive

Recycle Bin

Quickly and easily recover  accidentally deleted data.

Ghost Trees

Ghost Trees, a feature exclusive to Origins, allows you to manage information not attached to your main tree while you see where, if at all, it fits in your tree.  Useful for working with information while it's waiting to be researched and verified, such as:

  • Trees received from other researchers
  • DNA Matches
  • Verbal family histories

Once the information is researched, it can easily be either moved to your main tree or discarded.  Ghost Tree information can easily be included or excluded from charts and reports.

Fact-Level Versioning

Every fact you enter is separately versioned so you can see when it was changed and, if sharing is enabled, by whom.  If you need to, you can easily switch back to a previous value.  Think of it as an unlimited undo feature.

What-If Scenarios

Explore different interpretations of data without worrying about how to recover if they turn out to be a dead-end. Origins lets you explore without worry and easily rollback if it doesn’t work out.

Secured Sharing

If you choose to collaborate with others Origins lets you do so without putting your own research in jeopardy.  Approve or reject every change proposed by someone else so you maintain control of what is included in your tree.

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DNA Support

DNA is the new frontier of genealogy research. Origins can help you learn how to incorporate DNA data into your research correctly and safely, how to work with the data to expand your tree and help you manage all of the raw data this new research avenue can bring your way

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Chromosome Browser

Dig deep into your DNA and your ancestors DNA to get the details on shared segments and identify the strength of a possible match.

DNA Learning Center

DNA is confusing.  Most genealogists don’t have a college degree in genetics so the information is often overwhelming.  We have created a wealth of information to help you learn what you need to know to make proper use of this new and exciting aspect of genealogy.

Managing DNA Matches

DNA can be an incredible source of new relative information, but it can also be a bottomless pit of false leads and dead ends. Origins can help you manage all of the potential matches without burdening your tree with invalid data.

DNA-Based Research Hints

Using the information you have recorded about your or a family member’s DNA, Origins can help identify potential research paths.  Whether it’s strengthening existing connections in your tree or creating new connections to DNA matches stored in Ghost Trees, Origins does the grunt work to sift through all of the data and present you with possible areas to explore.

Research Management

Research is the most important things we do as genealogists, so Origins makes this critical task easier.

Virtual Binders

Keep everything related to your research organized and in one place so it is always accessible.  Associate research notes with different aspects of your tree without adding the data to the tree while you're in the midst of doing your research.  Virtual binders can handle:

  • web clippings
  • images
  • transcribed notes
  • document scans
  • and more...


Fact Confidence

Easily indicate how certain you are about facts based upon the sources you've found or any other factors.

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Origins Inbox

Sometimes in your research you're just in collection mode - grabbing as much as you can as quickly as you can and then sorting it out later. No problem.  Add everything to your Origins Inbox it will all be there waiting for you.

Research Journal

Origins can automatically track your research activities and store them in your Research Journal. If you need to look back at a path of research, simply review the journal to see how you located a particular source or when the last time was that you researched a particular ancestor.

To-Do List

Keep track of research to be done in the integrated To-Do List


Sharing & Collaboration

Genealogy. Family History. Call it what you will, it’s all about family.  Origins lets you collaborate with family members and others on your terms.


Configurable Sharing

Designate who can access your tree and what level access they have - reader, editor, co-owner.
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Exchange ideas, advice and opinions on research or findings right inside Origins.

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Edit Verification

You can review and approve every change made by editors before accepting the edit into your tree

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Moving around in Origins is fast and easy.

Voice Navigation

Origins supports voice commands, for example:

  • Origins, show me Harry Gallen
  • Origins, Open the Chromosome Browser


Large trees can be hard to work with, simply because there is so much data.  Origins lets you apply global filters to your data to show only information relevant to what you're currently working on, but then get back to all of your data with one click.


Bookmark any person, place or event so you can get back to it quickly.  Origins supports an unlimited number of bookmarks.

No Modal Windows

Origins doesn't lock you out of one screen by using pop-ups - a dialog box or edit screen  that must be closed before you can see or work in the main screen.  Everything is accessible

Voice Queries

Why leave the screen you're working in to look up a fact in your tree?  Just ask OriginsOrigins, when did Harry Sebastian Gallen die?

Powerful Search

Origins has powerful search capabilities built in to help you find exactly the data you're looking for, but it also has a Query Wizard that lets you build and save your own queries.

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General Features


Uncle Willie&Stella Griffin

Runs on

  • Windows 7+
  • MacOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher
  • Linux

Free In-Version Updates

We plan on introducing minor new functionality to releases approximately once per month. Updating your software to get these incremental releases costs you nothing.

Free Technical Support

We're here if you need us.

And So Much More...

There's so much more coming in Origins. We couldn't possibly list every single feature here. We tried to list the important, or new and exciting ones here. If you have a question about any of our features, feel free to Contact Us!