DNA Match Manager

Download Matches in Minutes, Not Hours

DNA Match Manager is a free tool from Heirloom Software that lets you quickly and easily download your DNA match information from:

  • Ancestry (multiple tests supported)
  • 23 & Me
  • Family Tree DNA
  • GedMatch

Soon we'll be adding My Heritage DNA to that list, as well as the ability to download results from multiple tests from other sites that support it.  Here's a walkthrough of Match Manager so you can see what it's all about:  http://bit.ly/mm-overview

Minutes Not Hours

Match Manager is fast.  In our testing, we've downloaded over 100,000 matches in less than 30 minutes.  No more leaving your computer running overnight to let it download matches.  Oh, and if you want to keep using your computer while Match Manager downloads, that's not a problem.


Did we mention that Match Manager is free?  Yep.  Just our way of giving back to the genealogy community.  Don't worry, though, it's fully supported.  There's a complete walkthrough of the process right in the program (it's pretty easy) and if you need additional help, you can contact us right from within the program.

Windows & Mac

Either platform, we've got you covered with native versions that look and act the same.  No more feeling like a second-class citizen just because of the type of computer you use.  The screenshots you see in the above walkthrough were taken on Windows, but everything looks exactly the same on a Mac.


Our goal with Match Manager is to err on the side of caution.  We absolutely do not want to have you end up with incorrect or incomplete data in your match list.  We want to avoid that at all costs.  Our approach is that if we detect a problem downloading or parsing results from a site, we throw out all results for that site and let you know that there was a problem.  We figure this is better than just letting the problem corrupt your data and any work you build on top of it from there.  If you just let us know that there was a problem, we'll work to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Most of the time, the problems will be related to the testing sites changing the way they present or deliver results, which is entirely out of our control, though we can (and do) work to make Match Manager as resilient to these types of changes as we can.


Match Manager is still in beta, but we're pretty confident about it.  We've tested (a lot) and had others do a first round of private beta testing for us as well.  If you come across a bug or have an idea for making it better, just let us know.  We'll be putting out updates as we march towards a first release.

More Info

For more information about the data Match Manager downloads, click here: https://heirloom.helpscoutdocs.com/article/7-match-manager-output-file

Get Started

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