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Announcing DNA Match Manager

Download multiple DNA test results at one time
Set the minimum centiMorgan threshold for Ancestry to reduce the number of "garbage" matches
Download thousands of matches in minutes
An easy, step-by-step process guides you through
Select which tests you want to download
See real-time progress details as each site processes
  • Download DNA Match Details Quickly & Easily
  • Download Multiple Tests From Sites That Support It
  • Produce a Single File to Analyze in a Spreadsheet
  • Free

Rock Solid Reliability

Our commitment to you is that your data is always:

  • Safe and Secure. Automatic backups and versioning keep your data safe
  • Yours. No one, including us, can access your data without your permission. Period.

DNA from the Beginning

Unlike other software that might have bolted DNA support on as an afterthought, we're building outstanding support in right from the beginning. This includes functionality as well as educational material for people just coming up to speed on this exciting new avenue of family history research.

Thoroughly Modern

Technology changes rapidly, but once it stabilizes, we look to see if it can enhance the experience of our users or in some other way improve our software.

We use the latest, proven technologies to deliver an outstanding user experience.

User Focused

Everything we do is focused on our users and making their genealogical research easier and more enjoyable. We're obsessive about running user tests and having our users provide direct input into the features and functionality we add to the products.

Provide Feedback

Help Us Help You!

We can't do this alone - we need your input, or else we'll just build software that just works for us, not for you. Feel free to tell us what you think about the features and functionality we're planning to add.


We're firm believers in the power of technology to do the heavy lifting. Don't get bogged down in the minutiae of formatting and data entry. Let our software do the grunt work while you focus on the research and analysis that requires a human brain.

Pre-Release Notice

Origins is currently under development.  If you'd like to stay up to date on our progress, please see our Pre-Release Information page.