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Origins is our flagship product. It began the way most software products begin - by a frustrated user asking in exasperation - why does this have to be so hard?  As luck would have it, this time, there was someone around with the initially flippant answer of it doesn't.

Initial conversations between our principals (see About Us) focused on how Dave could create small utilities to make Lil's genealogy work easier and less frustrating.  The conversations grew and morphed and began to involve other family researchers until the light bulb finally went on and Lil & Dave realized that there was a problem here to be solved and they had the right stuff to solve it.

Those discussions led to our guiding principles for Origins:

  • It must be easy to use, for beginners and experienced genealogists
  • It must be powerful - doing as much for the user as possible
  • It must be flexible - allowing people to work they're comfortable
  • It must be safe and secure - lost data is not an option
  • It must be fun - if you're not having fun with your research, why are you doing it?

Still a Work in Progress

Origins is still a work in progress. Please check our Pre-Release Information page to stay abreast of our progress.