We’ve heard a lot about this in the past few months, and the answer is that it’s up to youOrigins will not force you to store information in “The Cloud”.  Initially, the Origins application will store information strictly on your desktop or laptop.  Shortly after that, we’ll begin introducing our cloud-based capabilities, but the choice of where and how to store or access your content is still entirely yours to make.  Cloud or Local, it doesn’t matter to Origins.  Certainly, there will be some capabilities that will only be available if you have at least some of your content in the Cloud, but we’re working to minimize that as much as we can. 

That said, Origins will always be cloud-connected, meaning that it will have integrations with online data providers such as Family Search, My Heritage, (eventually) Ancestry.com and others.  But that’s an entirely different discussion from where your data is stored.  One of our driving design points is Your Data is Yours and nobody (even us) can touch it, view it, edit it or anything without your permission.  Period. 

More on this as we progress, but I wanted to lay this out there early on so that people were aware of how we were approaching this.  If you have any questions, please feel free to add a comment below.